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Disbursement Funding in action – clinical negligence case study

This case involved late diagnosis of breast cancer. The breach involved the misinterpretation of a mammogram in 2009, resulting in a 2-year delay in diagnosis and fatal consequences in 2013.

In 2009 the deceased was given the all-clear and not diagnosed until 2011. After submitting a Letter of Claim, the client received an admission of breach, with the Defence eventually due towards the end of May 2018. A conference with counsel and the medical experts in October 2017 was supportive of causation in that pre-cancer cells should have been found in 2008/2009. If treatment had started then it would have prevented the cancer maturing, or at least stopped it spreading.

The matter settled before the trial for £650,000.

In linked, but separate cases Temple ATE insurance cover was already in place for the deceased sister. A policy existed for the father on behalf of the estate of the deceased. Temple issued a further seven other policies for the children who were left without their mother.  The policy in place in respect of the estate  and the children, attracted a premium of just £250 and a Limit of Indemnity of £50,000 per policy that covered damages up to £5,000,000.

Below we summarise how Temple Funding was utilised, what draw-downs were made, and perhaps most critically, how our low interest rate make everything affordable for this family to get their access to justice.

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